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The past weeks have been cold, wet, and dreary. So no physical nature walks for me. I have been able to spend some time with nature through my photos. I have been selecting photos from my archives for another craft sale. I also am going to attempt to speak at a workshop about efforts of our local government to “improve” our nature trails. I put improve in quotations because, I have heard (hopefully incorrectly) that the desire is to pave the nature trails with asphalt and put in artificial lights. Since neither of these two things mean nature to me, I have a differing opinion of how to “improve” the area. For those wondering why I used the word “attempt”, there are many posts about my MCS and the difficulty of leaving one’s home having multiple chemical sensitivities. Here are a few photos from the previous few weeks. I hope no matter the weather where you are that you get to spend a bit of time today with nature, and of course, breathe in fresh air. Peace.