Photos: The Sounds of Ice


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I hurt my foot last Sunday so I only managed cloud photos for most of the week.

clouds yard

But today, I thought I could walk finally, so I headed to the Oswego River. And found a few waterfowl.

geese pilings Oswego River FultonThe mallards, American black ducks and hybird ducks were have a swimming party.

mallard American black ducks river Fulton

X marked the spot for some interesting ducks.

X marks the spot Oswego River Fulton

Swimming with the Canada geese were a few other waterfowl that I am not able to identify.

geese unknown ducks river fulton

They liked the other side of the river so I tried to get a better look.

geese unknown ducks Fulton Oswego RiverAnd closer still. But I need your help. Do you know their names?

unknown ducks oswego River fulton

I decided it was too nice for a February day to go home, so I headed over to Lake Neatahwanta. I wish I could include sound with these photos. Besides the honking of geese and the chirping of song birds — the ice was making some crazy fun sounds — cracks and groans and sounds that sounded other-worldly music.

I hope you get to walk with nature today. If only to see the clouds drift on by. (as always click to enlarge).

clouds field


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