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Yesterday, I had a conversation with my mom centered around focusing on health and solutions rather than the problem. We discussed how far I’ve come with my health in the last 5 years (further than any doctor said I could with  my MCS). And my mom mentioned how maybe I could get healthy enough to sub again (substitute teacher). NO WAY subbing wasn’t fun when I was healthy. I said I’d rather teacher kids at the park about nature photography and stuff.

Today at the park, I spoke with a fellow nature lover, Dick about how I had not even had the chance to take a great blue heron photo this entire summer, but I’d love too. He walked off and a heron flew by. I tracked its flight.


great blue heron Lake N rs

I was just leaving but decided to walk in the opposite direction to see if I could get the shot.

great blue herons lake n rs

I was pleasantly surprised to find two herons. They were quite playful and definitely worth the wait for the shot.

g blue heron lake n rs

I know some think I’m nuts that, I believe that my “wish” to take these photos resulted in the opportunity to focus the camera on these birds. That this was just a coincidence. And yes it took more than wishing, I had to follow through and take action by walking in the heat in the opposite direction from my car.

dredging Lake Neatahwanta GranbyTo get these shots, I walked out on the dock to the gazebo. Some adults and kids struck up a conversation with me. And asked me about the thing across the lake (the dredger). I showed them on my telephoto lens what it was. And explained to the kids why the dredger needed to dredge the lake. The young lady asked to take a photo with my camera, followed of course with her brother asking for equal time. So yes, I got that wish fulfilled today too. Nature. Photography. And inquisitive kids. What a great day.

Whether you are focusing your camera or your thoughts today, I hope all your happy wishes come true. P.S. The best “miracle” was that none of the five people had any toxic fragrances on.