I refer often in my posts about MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities). I also refer to being an activist for fragrance free schools (or any public place). I would like to include links here to help educate everyone about this issue. I will not give medical advice and the links I supply are to open a discussion as to what is best for you. I am permanently disabled because of this condition. My disability was preventable. I wish for every human to have a full, happy, productive, healthy life. Unfortunately, due to the toxins LEGALLY put into fragrances multitudes of people on this planet are being stripped of this right. I am just one of them.

In short, I suffer migraines, body aches, memory loss, fatigue, hives, throat swelling and more because of exposure to toxic chemicals legally placed in scented products. Most of my exposures and the most extreme exposures happened during the last five years of my teaching career.

When I thought I was the only one suffering — I dealt with most of my suffering in silence. I was shocked when I started to request help that it was not forthcoming. This is NOT a problem only at my school. This is a problem across the country and unfortunately in other countries as well.

Willful Blindness is a legal term. The non-legal definition — refusing to learn the facts so that one can ignore the problem. Willful Blindness has become an epidemic.

I ask for your help. Every voice matters. Please add your voice to mine.

Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Things you can do to help:

1. EDUCATE YOURSELF — ignorance is not bliss in this case it is deadly.

2. SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE — people can’t take action if they don’t know their voice is needed

3. RELEASE THE SHAME — many people who had the power to help me have not. They made and still are making excuses. If you have the choice between putting your energy toward feeling shame because you didn’t help me or someone else — STOP — put that energy into helping NOW.

4. WRITE — we do NOT need to save the planet we NEED TO SAVE THE HUMAN RACE.

A blog post

A letter to your local Board of Education

A letter/email to your senators and congressmen

A letter to every company with fragrances in their products requesting A LIST OF ALL THE CHEMICALS IN THEIR PRODUCTS — NOT JUST THE ONES THEY LEGALLY HAVE TO LIST.

5. BOYCOTT — any product that uses toxic chemicals in their products

6. SUPPORT — any product that uses non-toxic plants and food based ingredients

7. SEARCH — wordpress for the term MCS and take two seconds to say hi to each person suffering from it. There are many who are suicidal from the pain, isolation, depression, and condemnation they have suffered from this illness. Your hello — may just save a life.

8. IGNORE — commercials/advertising that state you MUST spray their fragrances on your body — in your homes — in your car — or anywhere else or you are NOT a good mother — or a sexy man — that you are not loved or attractive.

9. SAVE — your LIFE

your $$$$$

the human race

10. APPRECIATE — the beauty of a baby. Babies wear no scents — no makeup — no nail polish — and yet we cannot stop smelling them — holding them — cooing over them — telling them how beautiful they are.


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