Fragrance Free Policys and Locations

These are links that I or other’s have compiled that will hopefully help every organization/place of employment eliminate toxins from our environment.

Invisible Disabilities — this site has books, pamphlets, posters, statistics all the info need to go fragrance free

Women for a Healthy Environment put together a webinar to help employers reduce the toxicity of work environments.

Fragrance Free Policies from Around the World put together by Environmental Illness Network Minnesota

List of many fragrance free places compiled by MCS America

Fragrance Free Schools’ Pilot Program Minnesota

American Lung Association template for Fragrance Free School Policy


6 thoughts on “Fragrance Free Policys and Locations”

  1. Sorry for our ignorance but do you use essential oils? Is it the chemical fragrances that are your concern?

    • I am glad you asked. Toxic chemicals are what make me sick. There are things that I can anticipate avoiding because it is commonly known that they contain toxic chemicals: car exhaust, laundry bleach, ammonia, etc. The problem with “fragrances” in the US — is that companies are allowed under trade secret laws to not disclose what chemicals they used to produce the fragrance and from the research that has been done most synthetic fragrances are made with petrochemicals and then additional toxic chemicals are often added as well. These “fragrances” can be in air fresheners, soaps, candles, deodorant, perfumes and even pesticides — I do not know when I walk into a room or by another person if they have used these products — so it makes it very difficult to go out in public. If an essential oil is made with organic plants with no addition of toxic chemicals I should be able to use them. 😀

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