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sleepy gosling Lake3I recently took an unplanned hiatus from blogging. It started after I listened to 3 weeks of wellness talks at the Hayhouse World Summit. No longer was I certain of what I had to say. So instead, I took a break to contemplate my bellybutton. The world’s problems seemed so very daunting. If America is “first again” then which country has to be last? If America is “strong again”? What weak country are we going to trounce to get there? I already felt isolated having MCS — imagine how isolating it is to hear that so many of my country’s new policies seek to isolate us from the rest of the world. I love interacting with all of you from all parts of the globe. I do not want to lose that. But complaining about what I don’t want doesn’t get me what I do want.

goslings and Great Blue Heron Lake NeatahwantaTo ease my angst, a boycott of news was implemented. It lasted 5 minutes. A friend knocked on my door and her first words were, “Did you hear about all the people shot in Florida?” No I had not heard but I had felt it. Being empathetic, I literally feel the weight of the world at times. So if ignoring the news was not going to uplift me… what would?

ronan-wilhelmina-catsIt is not new to me that the world is a more loving and peaceful place than most people perceive it to be. I have read stats to prove this. But during my time of contemplation, I read the book, “The Fabulous Future? America and the World in 2040.” The book is  a collection of essays predicting what people from different walks of life believe it will be like in 2040. Barry Glassner’s essay, “The Future of Fearmongering” is the one that gave me the push I needed to blog another year. (Sunday was my four-year anniversary). In the US the murder rate decreased 20 percent (between 1990 – 1998). HOWEVER, at the same time, network newscasts increased their coverage on stories concerning murders 600 percent.

coyote field rsI don’t know how to stop others from spreading fear BUT I personally can do my part to spread good, happy, fun and beauty. I rededicate myself to all you fine bloggers/followers/visitors who take a moment to stop by and enjoy a bit of nature and friendship. I seek to spread good news, happy thoughts, beautiful photos. I will do my part to increase the percent that we hear about solutions rather than problems and view love and peace.

OswegoRiverPhoenix (MutedSwans, Canada Geese, Merganser)Here’s to a year of peace and love and nature and good news for everyone.