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first-snowfallThis has been a week of thanks. Monday we got two feet of snow with three-foot drifts. Our first snow of the year. The snow was super heavy and stuck to the shovel. For the first time in years, I started up the snowblower in desperation. With MCS, I was wondering if I’d signed my death sentence. As I was getting to the point that I didn’t think I could take the fumes anymore, the snow blower stopped working. I still had the really heavy stuff the plow had dumped in my driveway to do. I thought this an appropriate time to sit down on the snowbank and have a messy cry. As I did this I sent up the prayer, “Jesus, I need help. I can’t do this by myself.” I looked up and my neighbor was walking over to my house. He had a feeling I wasn’t okay. Thankfully, he cleared out the rest of my driveway.

I am grateful for my family members who came to Thanksgiving dinner fragrance free. People think some things are little but to those of us with MCS they are huge. My mom called that morning when she realized she had set the table with a new plastic tablecloth. Would that be a problem? Oh yeah. She took it off.

I did another craft show where many people were again of great assistance to me — including all of my buddies from last week. Even with all that help, today is definitely a recovery day. Since I didn’t get to go on even one nature walk this week, I will share some of the photo cards I sold yesterday. I hope you get to spend time with nature and those you love today. Peace.

A special thanks to my new followers and those who have left comments this week that I have as yet returned for your faith in me.

Bullhead Point Gazebo and geese


waterfalls Sterling NY2

fall Lake Neatahwanta




geese sunrise gazebo Lake Neatahwanta day3

And of course, Ronan and Wihelmina.