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Today I wrote in Day 27 In the Pursuit of Love that I wanted my site to be a place that spreads seeds. They may be seeds of love or hope or rebellion as long as they produce a healthier, more loving, peaceful place to co-exist — I’m all good with it.

Image4crossAs I wrote that post I received in my inbox a post from MCSGAL asking for help collecting information so that she may help to make churches fragrance free.  ALL who want to should be able to worship without someone else’s toxic use of synthetic chemicals debilitating them.

She would like info if your church accommodates people with chemical sensitivities? If you have chemical sensitivities how do you deal with toxins/fragrances while attending church services? Apparently, there is a minister who would like to make changes so that EVERYONE can attend church who wants to.

I ask would you give up synthetic fragrances so that other’s that are sickened by them could pray along side you? I personally do not attend church. But this was what I realized when I wrote my post this morning — I can’t do it all. But for each problem in the world — certain people have been Graced with the skills and passion to implement the change.

If you would like to read her post or offer suggestions here is her link. (update this site is no longer available)