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In my post Day 26 In the Pursuit of Love, I questioned what direction my life and my blog should be taking. I felt overwhelmed by all the causes that I want to help, so I decided the best way to help them all is to plant seeds of information — seeds of hope and seeds of change. Hopefully, you decide to nurture one of those seeds.

It is estimated that 1 billion people are presently starving around the world. If there was a shortage of food, I might argue move on to a problem we CAN solve. But here is the total absurdity of this issue. THERE IS NO FOOD SHORTAGE. There is a food distribution problem. There is an I’ve-got-enough-so-why-worry-about-you problem.

It is time that we who have enough, started to speak out against those who have too much or those who senselessly waste food, so that those who have nothing to eat have the basic rights of all humans to clean air, water and food.

According to NBC Nightly News: $165 BILLION a year of food is wasted in the US alone. I cannot even begin to wrap my head around that amount of money and how many people it would feed. Apparently, 40 percent of food is wasted in the US.

Doug Rauch is going to open a store, The Daily Table, outside of Boston. This non-profit store is going to sell food that has recently reached the expiration date — very cheap — perfectly good food that other grocery stores were going to send to the landfill.

I think the best way to understand how to fix a problem is to start with what’s being done that is “wrong” and then stop doing it. When you watch the TED video you’ll get an idea where the title of the blog post came from.

I hope — I and Doug Rauch and Tristram Stuart have planted a seed of change in you today that sparks a movement to end world hunger. It doesn’t need to be complicated. We just need to be aware that our ignorance of the problem is leading to silence concerning the issue that the US has 4X the food it needs to feed all of its people. And yet, people are going hungry every day. By not speaking up, other’s believe we are okay with the current practices. You can start by simply asking for the ends (crust) off the bread when you eat in a restaurant.

Please share what you thought of this video and if you plan to do anything about it.