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baby bunnies rs

In case you didn’t get to see the Easter bunny today here are a few baby bunnies to warm your heart.

daffodil field rs

Spring is slowly making an appearance with her beautiful colors.

killdeer North Bay rs

This killdeer is at peace now that the waters have receded a bit. With all the melting snow and rain, the lake covered the beach area and part of the nature trail.

osprey sunrise oswego rs

It has been many months but my dad and I finally made it to one of our sunrise breakfasts.

osprey rt 481 rs

The osprey have returned. I got too close for a photo-op with them on the nest so they both flew off to a tree.

red bellied woodpecker Lake N rs

I love how the red-bellied woodpecker blends in with the new buds.

white breasted nuthatch north bay rs

The white-breasted nuthatch is a bit more inquisitive.

swan goose North Bay rs

I saw my first ever swan on Lake Neatahwanta (s)he only stayed for a day but was quite content to let me look at her swimming so gracefully.

Rice Creek Fallbrook rs

Here at Rice Creek, I wished I brought a book. It would have been a perfect day to sit in the sun with a slight breeze with the water burbling on by.

And of course, Wilhelmina and Ronan kept me busy this week. Here they’re quiet for a moment as they ate lunch.

Wilhelmina Ronan backsides rs

I hope you have a joyous day spent with nature and loved ones. Peace.