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hooded merganser litter lake n rsI tend to write about Earth Day on Earth Day. This year I thought it might make sense to write about it before the event so people might be encouraged to see what is going on in their area and show up. I find it sad that many of my favorite photos go unused because evidence of human “footprints” show up in the photo.


Items left behind by fishermen, cigarette butts and drink containers seem to be high on the preferred things for humans to toss on the ground at our local lake.


Some litter could have blown for many miles before it ends up de-beautifying the local landscape.


If you live in the Fulton, NY area on April 22nd there will be a Canal Sweep clean up at the Oswego River. Meet at the gazebo on South Fourth (yes our town is that small people know where the gazebo is) at 10 am for photo/supplies/coffee. The first 20 people get T-shirts. (Special thanks to the NYS Canal Corp. for supplies and support). The clean up will be along S. 1st street and along the canal. Across from the Village Shops on W. 1st Street there will be a chicken barbecue as a fundraiser for the Friends of Fulton Parks who are organizing the clean up. If we all picked up 5 pieces of litter that day, all around the world, image how beautiful our landscapes/seascapes would be.


My wish is that every day we all treat every other living creature with the same respect we humans believe we deserve. I live in a country where as a human there is a document stating I have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What if the birds and flowers and squirrels and bobcats… all were guaranteed the same rights? Personally, I think that would be a joyous world indeed.


Ronan and Wilhelmina will be watching. What will you be doing on Earth Day?