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fogcooperrdYup. Bring on the fog. Today was another day of exposures. Some might wonder why does she keep doing things that make her sick? Well I wonder right back why do people keep doing things that make me sick?

cormorantoswegoriverI’m not ready to do anything drastic but seriously I should be able to leave my house. It’s not like I’m going to the mall or places with high risks of exposures. This week I was sickened by an EMT (emergency medical technician) who wore perfume to treat my mom who couldn’t breathe and almost had to treat me even though I was feeling fine until she got there.


Shouldn’t all people be able to receive SAFE medical treatment especially in their own homes? My parent’s home was safe for me to go into the last few years — a week later I’m still getting a headache from the perfume. My other exposures: spray paint at an elementary school nature trail, fragrances worn by joggers/hikers at a nature preserve, and at a farmer’s market where I went to buy FRESH food and naively expected to breathe FRESH air.


MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) can be very isolating.


While everyone else is off having fun — you stay in your MCS safe house — if you’re lucky enough to have one — and monitor everyone who comes in for toxic fragrances and chemicals.


Nox tried to guard the door and my boots — she knows how sick I can get from exposures just going out to take photos of nature. Not from nature itself of course, but from people sitting in their idling cars while they look at the lake or people who drive by who have air fresheners in their cars…


But I do not feel complete without the sight of a bird in flight or the smell of cedar in the woods or the sound of waves in my life…


These glide across the water…


as does this. But one adds to the joy of our mutual existence — without endangering all species on the planet with toxic chemicals.


Nature lives in grace no matter how black the path of man. Today, I am tired. I am tired of being poisoned by ignorance and greed and apathy. How as a species can we be more educated than ever, and yet, we are content to torture others and slowly kill ourselves with toxic chemicals all in the name of profit and to smell “good”?


I hope today to get to experience the wonder of nature and breathe in FRESH air — that is to say the air released from beautiful leaves NOT toxic “fresheners” sprayed from a can.

This post reminds me of the time when my son was a teenager and came home swearing and slamming doors. He came back out of his bedroom and hollered down the stairs, “Do you love me anyway?” Of course, I said yes — I always love my son — just not always his behavior. Just as I love the people who may one day succeed in killing me with their toxic fragrances — I love you anyway — just not your behavior.