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foggyheronEnough is enough. This has been the week of exposures. Today I felt a bit better. It was a foggy morning so I left early to catch sunrise at the lake. I arrived ahead of all the school buses and had a lovely walk in the woods. The fog actually got thicker once I got there so many of my early morning shots weren’t let’s say gallery quality.

dredginglakeAs the fog increased on the lake so did the fog in my head. They’re dredging at the lake and spreading the sediment with diesel-powered equipment. This meant I had to skirt along the edge of the teacher parking lot at the high school. I expected there to be exhaust, but it was like walking past a department store perfume counter. I don’t know if the fragrance was from people or car air fresheners — so much for the signs at the high school asking people to go fragrance free.

amusementrideWalking across the park, I felt tilted like I had been on an amusement ride. Come to find out the big diesel dump truck that had trailered the equipment for the beach work was running and running and running. I tried another route to get to my car and there was a bus with its motor idling as well.

At this point, I could go off on a tirade about wasting tax payer money, polluting the world we live in, the senselessness of fragrances, and how annoying hives are BUT I shall not forget that this blog is about love.

My,Β A Course in Miracles lesson for today is Lesson #292 “A happy outcome to all things is sure.” Pretty much everything I have attempted this week has not had the outcome I would have expected or wished for. But the purpose of my “pursuing” love is to learn to think with my heart rather than my head. All those exposures have detoured me from my original plans — I will share with you some of my happy outcomes while “avoiding” toxic fumes.

I hope that no matter how crappy your day my seem that the outcome is happy!!!