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Image14cloudsImage21sunset“When the negative thoughts come, and they will; they come to all of us — it’s not enough to just not dwell on it… You’ve got to replace it with a positive thought,” by Joel Olsteen.

I hope everything will be okay. vs I have faith everything will be okay. Not the same thing.

Don’t get sick. vs. Stay healthy. Not the same thing.

Marching against war. vs. Marching for peace. Not the same thing.

Fighting for the cure. vs. Eliminating the cause. Not the same thing.

Affluence. vs. Abundance. Not the same thing.

Surviving. vs. Thriving. Not the same thing.

Tolerance. vs. Acceptance. Not the same thing.

Forgetting. vs. Forgiveness. Not the same thing.

Image (45)After I was born, I was given instructions how to do many things: write, read, ballet, jump a horse, be polite, statistics…. I wasn’t given the instruction manual or classes in the two most important things in my life: how to be a parent and how to have a conversation with Divine Source (God — Infinite Intelligence — Jesus — Buddha — The Universe …. ) It wasn’t until I was in my forties that I started to read spiritual books and meditate that I found out there were rules to ask God for what you wanted — and actually get these things without screwing over anybody else including yourself.

Rule Number One: ACTUALLY ask for what you want. 

This may sound simple and it is if you know the rules. The first one that shocked me is that the Spirit World does not respond to negative words. If I think of things being only about Love and therefore the word “not” being a negative word — it can’t exist. Love is only positive. So if I tell someone, “Be careful the roads are slick that you don’t get in an accident.” Take out the “not” and what the Universe heard was “Be careful, the roads are slick that you do get in accident.”

Phrase the sentence in a positive form. “Have a safe journey home.”

Listen to other people. It is amazing. I know some people who phrase almost everything in the negative. And they wonder why they never get what they pray/ask for.

Image2garagesaleThe other part of asking for what you really want is to make sure it is really what you want. If you’re having a garage sale and pray to God that lots of people show up for the sale — is that really what you want? If lots of people show up (you got what you asked for) but if they don’t buy anything — you’re going to feel like no one heard your prayer.  Maybe next time you might want to pray that you sell all of your stuff?!

Image (9)Sometimes what we think what we want, isn’t what we really want. Maybe you prayed for a gorgeous new outfit. And you get it and people tell you how nice the outfit is but you don’t feel satisfied. Maybe what you really wanted was for someone to tell you that YOU are beautiful and that doesn’t require a new outfit.

Lastly, don’t be dissatisfied and blame God when you actually got what you prayed for. If you pray for a wife who is a good mother — and you marry a wife who is a good mother BUT a few years down the road — you start complaining that she isn’t adventurous or passionate or funny — don’t be pointing fingers at God or your spouse — you indeed got what you asked for.

If you are asking for something and wanting it NOW then don’t use the word “hope” that is a future word. The future is never now. Use the word faith — it is an active now word.

More rules to come.

Do you find you speak in the negative or positive mode more? Are you asking for a sports car when what you really want is a date? Do any of these rules strike a chord with you? Let me know if you try any of them.