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Earth day cleanup rs

Well I did it. I braved the cold and my MCS and a mild germophobia and went Saturday to pick up other people’s refuse. There were about 30 people, all ages, who showed up to pick up litter for 2 hours. This is the pile of garbage. There were many more bags of leaves that will get recycled. It is still too cold to plant the flowers at the Veteran’s Memorial Park but members of the Team RWB (a group to involve veterans in community and physical activities) will return in a few weeks for the plantings. The Canal Corp. donated the garbage bags and T-shirts. The Friends of Fulton Parks organized the local event.

Here’s a few photos I took yesterday of nature’s beauty.

coyote field rs

This handsome creature was strolling along in the field next to my house at sunrise. Those in the know, do you agree this is a coyote? If it is it was really big. My friend estimated him at 80 pounds.

hybrid ducks sleeping orf rs

These hybrid ducks were at the end of the parking lot as I pulled in at the Oswego River. At first they thought they might walk away but I drove in very slowly and got out of my car very slowly. They decided to go back to sleep.

woodchuck orf rs

This dirty nosed woodchuck spotted me as I came back from my walk. He was going to make a run for the river but decided to let me take his photo.

osprey nest ballfield lake rs

The osprey have finally built a nest where I can easily take photos. The pair selected their site with an optimum view of the Denesha Ball Field at the Lake. I kept my distance to respect that it is nesting season but I still got an ear full.

sunset Lake Neatahwanta rs

My chemical sensitivities actually resulted in this sunset photo at Lake Neatahwanta. A friend invited me to go out for ice cream with her family. I walked into the restaurant and there was hand sanitizer right by the door. It made me so sick I had to leave without the chocolate milkshake I had been dreaming of. Instead, I of indulging my palate, I indulged my other senses.

What exciting things did you do for Earth Day or are doing for Earth Week? Peace.