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This has probably been the longest that I’ve gone without blogging. Between the snow… (this was March 19th)

snow rs

and clouds and rain… I haven’t taken many photos. I have seen lots of great critters. There were blue birds all puffed up in my yard but if I opened the door Ronan would have run after them. So I tried to take the photo through the window. Ronan thought this was a good opportunity to rub his head on my elbow. Not a good way to take a clear photo. So I settled for the ducks on a cold morning walk.

ducks gioose orf rs

And a song sparrow that stuck around for approximately 17 seconds.

song sparrow orf rs

Most of the tree swallows were busy catching insects over the river. These two I believe were a little more interested in romance. Well at least one of them was.

tree swallow orf rs

The white-tailed deer have been enjoying my bird feeder. One tips it sideways and lets the seed fall out for the others to feast upon. I chose this photo with the pole because I was just discussing with a friend how hard it is to get shots of nature. Never sure if they will show up. The lighting is what it is. And usually there is something in the way.

whitetailed deer field rs

Enjoy nature wherever you are and I hope you get to share it with someone you love. Peace.