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My most fun with nature occurred sitting right where I am now in my study. A bald eagle swooped low over the field. He tried to catch lunch but came up with only tufts of grass as a crow chased him from the area. Last night, I spotted what looked to be a wolf running by my window. No we aren’t supposed to have wolves in Fulton. I ran from window to window trying to see where he went but he disappeared. The photos for the week are a little calmer — literally watching the ice melt on Lake Neatahwanta. The snow geese were still here but they stayed on the opposite of the lake. Six hooded mergansers showed up. They are VERY shy. The first few times I walked by they took off. Finally, they chose to swim into the reeds in the shallows. One “brave” fellow let me watch him take his bath — from about 30 feet away. Probably the most “dangerous” photography session was when I tried to take photos through the window (its extremely cold here). Wilhelmina kept jumping from chair to table and back again. Ronan opted to sit on my lap and watch the birds. Did I mention that Ronan has an exceptionally long tail that he likes to fling about whenever a bird is near? Peace on all your nature walks this week.


Where did the drop of water go?