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Yesterday was glorious. Around 8 am I went to the river and it was so cold I had to pop out the battery to my camera to reset it because it froze up — by 11 am I was at the lake wishing I didn’t have a coat on. This sunny day came after a significant snow fall. They say in our area “wait 15 minutes and the weather will change”. I hope the weather is stupendous where you are so that you can get out and enjoy a bit of nature. Here are a few moments of my week.

A squirrel eating at my “squirrel proof” feeder. I do like squirrels and I put food on the ground for them. But it gets expensive when they decide to carry off the entire feeder which has happened multiple times.


I had to take this ring-billed gull’s photo — well — because he insisted.


In quick succession, three mourning doves landed and took off from this one branch. This is the one that was victorious in gaining the perfect perch.


We’ve had very little ice on the river this year but the bit we do have is beautiful.


This is the first sunset photo I’ve taken in months. Although the lake is entirely frozen over — the warm breeze promised spring.


I was most excited that for the first time in a long while, I spotted a duck other than a mallard.


It’s a redhead. Quite a handsome fellow.


I braved walking onto the bridge to take a few photos of the dam but alas the sun was too reflective off the ice and water. It was fun watching the gulls soar about. (If unsure why it took bravery — it has to do with car exhaust and MCS).


Some of the churning water makes lovely ice sculptures.


The first time I walked along the river I missed this beautiful fellow but I spotted him on the way back. Unfortunately, although he was across the river, he also spotted me and took off.


For those who like kitty photos, here is Ronan (7 months) after his bath having a grand time. His idea of a bath is two licks and then lots of play time.


And Wilhelmina liking to put her face up to the camera just in case I didn’t see her.