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Okay technically the US is a democratic republic. But without nit-picking — is everyone treated equally under the law? If you answered yes — are you affluent or poor yourself?

The idea was presented to me the other day that our prison system is like a form of slavery. Those convicted have lost their freedom and work for food and pennies on the dollar. I should have known that by putting my focus on the topic of our prison system, the Law of Attraction would have more info coming my way on this topic. A day or so later, I watched a TED talk on how the poor are treated within the legal system. Because of the Law of Attraction, I hesitated to write this post — to give the link to the TED talk — to have more people thinking about the apparent inequity of our legal system. After all won’t that get more inequity?

The answer is: It depends. If people watch the video and believe that things are hopeless or get angry and vent about their frustrations to everyone they meet — that will lead to more hopelessness and more things to vent about. My disability from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities is teaching me how to use the Law of Attraction to shift from venting about my problems to educating about healthy changes, from focusing on gratitude for those who stopped using toxic “fragrances” rather than feeling shamed by bullies who made deliberate choices to sicken me… It is quite a difference attracting more health and gratitude rather than more shame and bullying and toxic chemicals into my life.

So if you choose to watch this TED talk and be educated — remember that our thoughts lead to our beliefs which lead to our actions. I hope that your actions are in alignment with the belief that we are all equal under the law  — not just those with enough money to pay their parking tickets.