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I didn’t post photos last week, the lighting was so abysmal. There was a bald eagle posing for me but not the best conditions for a pic. A family pulled near me in their car, they were out looking for eagles, that was their fifth for the day. Very good news since a decade ago, you didn’t see any.


I was thinking a lot yesterday how I have seen swans in the three surrounding cities but never in Fulton. My mom called and had spotted two on the river. Alas they must have drifted down stream before I got there. I do thank my friend who drove me to look for them, since my MCS had flared up. The last few days we have alternated between being in a snow emergency (not as bad as it sounds — just have to stay off the roads so the plows can get through) and sunshine. So here is a bit of white from my backyard… Hope you get to walk in nature today. Peace.


I tried to get Wilhelmina and Ronan in the same shot but Ronan does not like to pose and thinks the camera is for sticking one’s nose on. I did take one of him sleeping, and yes, I’m sure you’ll notice that although the camera was on silent mode , he still knew the attention was on him.