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wall Lake NeatahwantaThe wall in Germany went up and came down in my lifetime. As a kid, I could not comprehend a country walling off its people from their families and neighbors. And yet here we go again. If you know not of what I speak — an executive order has been signed here in the US to build a wall dividing Mexico and the US. I can’t give you many details because they have not been supplied or they change. When I research it I feel as I’m tap dancing on quick sand.

In reading this you will have no doubt that I am opposed to this wall. If you’ve read my other posts you know I believe that what you focus on you get more of. So I’m going to take you through how I use Law of Attraction (LOA) with the issue (remembering in truth I ultimately align all my wishes with Source) to switch my focus from opposition to what I do want.

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Issues of building the wall that result in my opposition and focus out of alignment with what I do want:

Separation of species needing to breed with their kind across the border such as black bear.

If built with the amount of concrete in one proposal, it will require massive amounts of cement — contributing to harmful climate change.

Built along portions of the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo River. I shudder to think of the environmental impact of this.

If estimated cost of $12 to $30 billion, comes from proposed increase to import products from Mexico, my grocery bill is going to go up. Assuming no action from Mexico to boycott exports to the US due to our actions. Then I won’t have the products at all.

Isolation from cultural diversity.

It won’t keep illegal immigrants out. They can till come by truck, plane, boat…

Will we jail the illegal immigrants trapped on the US side of the wall for life? What will those additional prisons cost.to build? Assuming $60,000 a year to imprison someone. What’s that going to do to my taxes? Do we have the right to jail someone for wanting freedom and food? Two things I very much enjoy.

What’s it going to cost to maintain the wall once it is built?

How will we acquire the private land to build the wall? Is the government going to buy it? Or take it under eminent domain? In other words, it is now the government’s land and so sad for you.

What happens if Canadians want to start illegally immigrating to the US? Will we build a wall across the Canadian border too?

Is the crime rate higher because of illegal immigrants? According to sanctuary cities their crime is significantly lower.

Will Americans allow the next wave of immigrants wanting to come to this country to be treated as less than human? Obviously. We’re doing it now. We did it with the Italians and the Irish and the Polish and the Puerto Ricans…..

Will we do to the Mexican-Americans legally living here, what we did the Japanese-Americans, put them in internment camps?

What if a catastrophic natural disaster occurs and we need to become refuges to Mexico?

rock wall Rice CreekI FEEL SHORT OF BREATH AND HAVE A HEADACHE JUST HAVING WRITTEN THOSE SENTENCES. So I have stopped and taken deep breaths. I shift my mood by imagining a silly analogy. Each of these issues is a synchronized swimmer performing in the La Brea Tar Pits. I smile. I need to change my focus or get sucked under.

Image10flagSo what about the Law of Attraction — Why are some of Americans so afraid of immigrants and refuges? After all except for Native Americans — none of the rest of us would be in this country if either ourselves or our ancestors hadn’t been immigrants. If we go all the way back might the unconscious guilt of how our ancestors acquired this land –we call the land of the free and the home of the brave — be why we are so fearful? Why so many want to isolate themselves from all our neighbors to the south? Might it be guilt because our ancestors killed for this land and now we attract more reasons to fight over it? We made contracts to buy this land and to this day ignore those agreements. Might it be that we are afraid that those we “bought”the land from will acquire enough wealth to buy back what was their’s, so we seek to suppress their ability to earn a living wage? And then by LOA due to our unconscious guilt, we attract ways to lose that money: prisons, walls, higher grocery bills, law suits?

flowersporchNow what? Now that I know how all these fears of guilt, shame, blame… could be manifesting for hundreds of years — what can I as one person do?


immature-bald-eagle-oswego-river-fultonIf we didn’t build the wall what could we do with $20 billion?  We could help Mexico (and other countries) ensure that their citizens have all the basic necessities that we Americans take for granted. Would you split up your family, break the law, move to another country where you’ll be persecuted and prosecuted — if you weren’t desperate? NO WAY. The wall wouldn’t be needed, if people didn’t need to leave their countries in the first place — that whole list of issues from building the wall goes away. Instead of building fear and animosity and piling on more guilt — now instead we are attracting loving, peaceful relationships. Now isn’t that the hope of all who seek to live in a democratic society? WE ALL NOW HAVE FREEDOM. Now maybe we can feel truly patriotic and proud to live here.

kissing-trees-fall-north-bayIf we didn’t build the prisons what could we do with those billions of dollars? We could build schools. Maybe one of those now highly educated kids from Mexico or Latin America will solve the climate change crisis or cure cancer or bring about world peace. Now instead of attracting more ways to persecute and prosecute — we are focused on more ways to live in peace and in abundance and attracting more of those wonderful things..

deer and crow fieldIf we asked, “How can we make your lives better?” what might we learn about making our own lives better? Day one in a new house, my neighbor presented me with his land survey that contradicted mine. I could have argued or sued or… I asked him what would make him happy? Leave up the fence. I did. Later he admitted he didn’t think his survey was accurate. He turned out to be one of the best neighbors ever. Law of Attraction does not know size. One neighbor or millions, the rules don’t change. Do we want to attract more persecution or more friendly neighbors? I like friendly neighbors.


Look at pictures of the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo and all its natural beauty.

Do something for your neighbor.

Take someone out to lunch who is from a “group” unlike your own.

If you thought you were all in on building the wall — spend some time imagining all the glorious things we could do with those billions of dollars to bring peace and abundance to all.

Let our government officials know that we seek loving and peaceful solutions to any issues with the rest of the global community.

It’s hard to attract loving solutions when you are very afraid. Imagine those with fear wrapped in a loving bubble of light and making the shift to kinder, gentler decisions.

You control your thoughts — what can you imagine attracting into your life today?


PS I laugh as I look at this picture. I had finished the post and was proofing it. My kittens were in the room playing with everything they could get their paws on in my study. I thought: what is causing this mania of play? I had to put them out of the room. And then as I got to the end of the post here was my kittens at play. I guess I should have gone with the picture of them sleeping.