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Even though it was VERY cold yesterday, the sun came out for a rare visit. I decided to grab my camera and go for a walk. Imagine my surprise when in my snowpants and heavy coat and hat and gloves … there was a flock of robins. Usually when we see robins after weeks of snow, we take it as a first sign of Spring. We can only hope the next two months of winter will pass us by. It was quite interesting to take the robin’s picture. Not because they are flighty birds but because my glasses darken in bright sunlight and fog up as I breathe out warm air into the frigid cold. The following shots were taken without my glasses. If you wear glasses/contacts you’ll have some understanding of how tough it is to focus a shot on a moving bird when your vision is blurred. This is of course if you can pick out where the bird is located on the multiple gray trees.  I missed the nuthatch shot entirely and the chickadee had a branch in front of her, but here are a few happy birds. Enjoy your nature walk. Peace.




If you haven’t notice, the downy woodpecker kept landing front and center to get his picture taken. I didn’t know what kind of bird was on this last shot until I got home and looked at it with my glasses on (starling). And it was only after I looked at it twice that I noticed that the woodpecker had photobombed this shot as well.