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Today for many it is a day where the expectations are high and therefore so is the stress level. Will the dinner be perfect? Will they love the present? Will I be alone? Will the two sides of the family get along? Will there be any food to eat at all? Will someone wear a fragrance to dinner so that my MCS flares up and I’ll have to leave?

Whether today is the most blissful or stressful — please take a deep cleansing breath with me because no matter what — This too shall pass.

No matter what is happening in the external world — remember to love your self because that is where world peace begins.

In the past, I found when the family drama was too much — building a snowman is a lovely thing to do.

Look for the hidden gift in the worst moment.  You may say that I cannot know your worst pain. And you are right. But for me my worst moment, in my life to date, occurred 50 years ago today, when my mom returned from the hospital to tell me that my dad had passed away. What gift could this possibly bring? In the years that followed I made a spiritual connection with my dad. He answers my questions:

“Is this all there is?”  No way

“Am I an eternal being?” You bet

“Can love die?” Nope

“Is there a Source of Love that I can never be separated from?” Absolutely. And you don’t need to “die” to find this out. Sit with love. Be at peace. Surrender to moments of silence between all the worry and stress and fear — the answer is always there. The love is always there.  I Love you Much, Much.

Peace to all,