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I’ve been putting together a series of posts showing the diversity of life along our waterways here in Fulton, NY. The other day I did a post on the birds found at Lake Neatahwanta. Today, I thought I should give equal time to the other critters found along the east shore walking path. I chose to use a photo taken at the lake even if I had a better one of the animal from another location. When I started taking pictures three years ago, I didn’t label my photos at all, I then started putting something like “bird” and lately I have included the location of the photo. Due to this fact, these are only some of the species one might find at the lake. Hope you enjoy your nature walk. Please comment if you’ve walked the lake and seen other critters I have not encountered. Judging from my views of the critters: 1. Highly Likely to be present, 2. Decent chance to be seen, 3. Seen sporadically, 4. Only seen once at this location.

beaver Lake Neatahwanta

Beaver (3)


Black squirrel (2)

pretty blue bug

Bug (pretty blue) (3)

bumble bee white wildflower Lake Neatahwanta

Bumblebee (2)


Butterfly (unknown)

cabbage white butterfly dandelion GHL

Cabbage white butterfly (2)

serene kitty at North Bay

Cat (3)

chipmunk GHL

Chipmunk (1)


clouded sulphur butterfly

rabbitt Ground hog Lane

Cotton-tail rabbit (1)


Clymene Haploa Moth (4)

Zoe the Happy Dog

Dog (1-2)

wacky dragonfly and ant Lake Neatahwanta

Dragonfly (2)

eastern black swallowtail butterfly Recreation Park

Eastern black swallowtail butterfly (3)


Eastern gray squirrel (1)

Fish (lots of carp) (1)

my foot on GHL

Humans (1)

mink Lake Neatahwanta

Mink (I think) (4)

monarch butterfly Lake Neatahwanta2

Monarch Butterfly (2-3)

Mourning Cloak Butterfly Ground Hog Lane

Mourning cloak butterfly (3)

Muskrat (saw twice but missed the photo)

northern leopard frog granby wow

Northern leopard frog (photo Granby Getaway Trail — too fast at lake for me) (3)

Opossum (got the shot but problem with camera) (4)

Painted Lady Butterfly Ground Hog Lane

Painted lady butterfly (3)

painted turtle Lake Neatahwanta

Painted Turtle (3)


Pearl crescent butterfly (2-3)


Question mark butterfly (3)


Red admiral butterfly (3)

red squirrel North Bay2

Red squirrel (3)

snake North Bay

Snake (3)

Snapping turtle (3)

moth or butterfly GHL

Unknown moth or butterfly (4)


White admiral butterfly (3)

white-striped black moth RHL

White-striped moth (4)

deer Round Hog Lane

White-tailed deer (3)

woodchuck North Bay

Woodchuck (2)