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I felt after the post Birds of Lake Neatahwanta, I should give equal time to the birds of the Oswego River. The birds are from only a short section of the river along the east side of town. I have spied a few species here that I have not at the lake, including, American coots, American black ducks, loon, and maybe a mocking bird. I don’t walk the river path near as much as the lake, but I have still spied a fair number of birds. I hope to add to the species list in the future. I am sure there are more than a few I didn’t have photos of. Someday, I hope to spot a swan. I have seen them 10 miles to the north (Oswego) and about 10 miles to the south (Phoenix and Baldwinsville). If you’ve seen other species in our neck of the woods, please feel free to list them. And of course, if I have misidentified any please let me know. I used photos from the Oswego River unless indicated. Judging from my views of the birds: 1. Highly Likely to be present, 2. Decent chance to be seen, 3. Seen sporadically, 4. Only seen once at this location. Happy birding.

American Black Ducks Oswego River Fulton3

American black ducks (1)

unknown ducks oswego River fulton

American coot (3-4) winter

crow walking on Oswego River Fulton r

American crow (2-3)

goldfinch Oswego River Fultonbird maybe goldfinch Oswego River Fulton

American goldfinch (2-3)

robin Oswego River Fulton

American red-breasted robin (1-2)

bald-eagles-oswego-river-fultonbald eagle oswego river fulton

Bald Eagle (3)


Bank Swallow (4)

goslings Oswego River fulton

Canada goose (1)

cedar waxwing oswego river fulton

Cedar waxwing (3)

goldeneye river Fulton

Common goldeneye (winter)


Common loon (4)


Common merganser (winter/spring)

walking cormorant Oswego River Oswegocormorant tree grooming Oswego River Fulton

Double-crested cormorant (1)

bird Oswego River Fulton

Eastern bluebird (4) seen more frequently other locations

Eastern kingbird oswego river fulton

Eastern kingbird (3)

starlings Oswego River Fulton

European Starling (2-3)


Greater black-backed gull (2-3)

great blue heron Oswego river Fulton2

Great blue heron (2-3)

gull Oswego River Fulton

gull Oswego River Fulton

Herring gull (3)


Hooded merganser (winter/spring)

duck Oswego River Fulton

Hybrid or unknown breed ducks (1)

mallards oswegoriver

Mallards (1)

unknown bird Oswego River Fulton

Mockingbird (4)

mourning dove Oswego River Fulton

Mourning dove (2)

cardinal Oswego River Fulton

Northern Cardinal (2-3)

osprey Oswego Riverosprey oswego river fulton

Osprey (2-3)

pied-billed grebe Oswego Riverpied-billed grebe Oswego River3

Pied-billed grebe (4)


Pekin or Domestic duck (4)


Red-breasted merganser (winter/spring) (maybe)

ringbilledgull river Fulton

Ring-billed gull (1)

rock doves lock 2

Rock dove (pigeon) (1)


Scaup (winter)


Slate-colored (dark-eyed) junco

SnowGoose Lake Neatahwanta2 photo taken at Lake Neatahwanta (one goose stayed with the Canada geese on the river maybe same one on the lake)

Snow goose (4)

song sparrow Oswego Riversong sparrow Oswego River

Song sparrow (1)

swallows Oswego River Fultonswallows Fulton lock 3

Tree swallow (2-3)