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A friend putting a website together for our local waterfront trails, requested images along the Oswego River in our town. So this is a shopping list of sorts for that person. I hope anyone else who happens along this post enjoys the views of the river too.

View from upper (Broadway) bridge near Lock 2.

dam near Lock 2 Fulton NY

Portage sign recognizing that this was the site that James Fenimore Cooper wrote about in the book The Pathfinder.

sign portage the pathfinder Fullton

View toward upper (Broadway) bridge.


Sunrise now looking north toward Lock 3.


South view of Lock 3.


View standing on pedestrian walk seen above walking across lock doors. heron take off Oswego River dam

View standing on lower (Cayuga Street) bridge. Unfortunately, someone cut down the tree thus forever altering the view and flow of the river.


View north while standing on lower (Cayuga Street) Bridge. Oswego River is a waterway that flows north on its way to the great lake, Lake Ontario.


Continuing north we are now near Indian Point — Pathfinder Trail

fall foliage Oswego River Fulton

And a bit further north…

hopping great blue heron Oswego River2

and still walking…

Great Blue Herons Oswego River Fulton

Along the Pathfinder trail, I’m not sure the purpose of this structure…

geese pilings Oswego River Fulton

but the birds seem to like it…

tree swallow Oswego River Fulton3

standing on the lookout we can see where the river bends around Pathfinder Island.


And in the warmer weather, a turn of the century barge owned by the Pierce Gravel Company can be spied with the naked eye.

Oswego River Fulton

Hope you enjoyed the walk. Soon we hope to have grants to make the walk even more enjoyable.