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This is probably the longest I have gone without taking a nature walk. I pulled some photos from the last month because I know some of my followers do not have a choice, they are housebound. As I’ve worked this week on what I want to say at the meeting that will be held Tuesday 6 pm at our city court room about our waterfront revitalization — I realize that each moment we have with nature is unique. The photos included here cannot be reproduced. The geese will never stand in exactly that same spot and the sun will not color the sky in exactly the same way. To me this unique beauty is a good thing. At the meeting there will be those believing that progress is replacing natural beauty with cement and asphalt. To me progress is finally learning as a species that we must co-exist with nature if we want to continue to exist at all. If you live in the Fulton area or have a vested interest in maintaining the natural beauty of Lake Neatahwanta, I urge to you to attend the meeting or write a letter to the mayor and be heard (Mayor’s Office, Municipal Building, 141 S. 1st Street, Fulton, NY 13069). Peace.

And of course, you can leave a comment here that I will pass along at the meeting.