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I had my nature walk pics ready to post but instead want to post photos to say Thank You. Yesterday, I sold some of my photo greeting cards (ten to be exact) at a craft show; You might wonder with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) how I could do this. Let’s just say I was divinely inspired to do it. I kept receiving messages that the right people would be sent to help me. To ask for healing and protection and it would be there. And it was. I have to admit I did break out in hives, my tongue itched and I had a headache… but each time the symptoms increased I asked for more protection and they diminished.

I thank Kathy (the organizer) for arranging the vendors around my needs. Joe (steppingoutwithanagoraphobic) and Glenda for taking the spot next to me so they could watch my stuff if I needed a break and for wearing no scented products. My parents who stopped by to cover my table if I needed to get fresh air and who waited while I checked out the ladies’ room for toxic air fresheners (there were none) and were willing to drive me home if need be. Jo from the Humane Society both for her tireless work getting kitties adopted (two were from the event) and for being willing to have the outside door open all day so that I might have fresh air. And my (biological) dad, who passed almost 50 years ago but who is always with me. Embedded in the tile of the floor was perfect gold heart. (this post would explain hearts and my dad)ย And of course, thank you to all of you who have viewed my photos and encouraged me to keep posting them.

Peace and I hope you have much to be grateful for today.

These were the ten photos purchased, plus of course, a bonus kitty photo.

boating Oswego Canal-Oswego River BWdredger-lake-neatahwantaisicles oswego river fultonsunrise tree reflection North Baymink Lake Neatahwantasnapping turtle North BayImage7coyoteImage1foxpainted turtle wasp Lake Neatahwantafish water lilywilhelmina-and-ronan-cuddling