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clouds-sunlite-treesIf you’ve read my blog long enough you know I am aiming, as a person, to learn from a situation, no matter how illogical or painful the situation seems to me. I took this picture the other day and it seems to sum up this presidential election. The dark gray clouds of a cold front whipped up the wind and shook my house — and yet — at the same time the sun illuminated the trees.

lampost sunrise BrietbeckThe day after the election results, I prayed for guidance. The answer I got was keep being the light. We all need the light to see what is in us and what is in front of us. Anger and hate and fear, blind us. For those who do not like the election results and I am not just speaking to Americans here — you are not helpless. So often it is only the loud angry voices that we hear. I’m all for rallies — but ones where people speak their truth with reason not with rocks. Politicians are elected to serve the people of this country — not the other way around. Speak up and tell them what you want, but with passion not violence, clarity not hatred, knowledge not anger, justice not intimidation…

sunsetlakeneatahwanta2On the physical level, we do not have an elected president until after December 19th when the electoral college votes, and even then, it is still not necessarily decided. It is my understanding that the electoral college was created by our Founding Fathers to ensure that someone who is unqualified does not become president. Shaking a fist and ranting at the outcome of the election is not what this country needs. Speaking up to the members of your electoral college to vote for the most qualified candidate is.

bald-eagles-oswego-river-fultonOn the spiritual level, everyone — no matter what country you live in — can pray or focus their thoughts for — the person who will serve the greater good — not just for the US but the world.

rock-doves-bullhead-pointOn a personal level, I ask if you are going to speak out and march and hold rallies — that you do that for the things or the person you support rather than the things or the person you are against. If you are rallying against a candidate or a cause, you are actually giving them your power. I hope no matter what happens on December 19th, that we all can respect each other as human beings for this presidential term and for all the ones to come.