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Image8flagI don’t normally get political. But today it seemed extra special as I stood with my pen over my ballot and realized how very lucky I am to be a woman living in the US. No one and I mean no one told me how to vote.

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I paused to remember that women have only had the right to vote since 1920. I honor the women and men, during the Suffragette Movement, who stood up for my rights to be recognized as an equal human being.

immature bald eagle North Bay I have always voted for the candidate whom I thought would do the best job. I would never vote for or against someone because of their age or sex or race or political party… But I have to admit it was particularly moving today to see a woman’s name on the top of the ballot for the president of the US.

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No matter who you voted for, I hope that later this evening when the ballots are counted that we all remember that we live in the UNITED States of America and we all come together to support a world of love and peace and freedom.