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trees Ground Hog laneI took this photo a few weeks ago and thought how I would love to take it again when the leaves change color. I waited for the perfect moment. The trees not yet at peak but many of them showing their magnificent colors all over the city seemed like the perfect time.


But my timing was less than perfect for this tree. The leaves had already fallen. I’ve noticed this a lot lately that when I think I have something all perfectly figured out — it fails somewhat miserably. But the same day I took that photo, I also took this photo…


This photo came about because I sent a picture in an email to a friend. It didn’t work out on any level. She was busy and didn’t look at the email right away. The photo couldn’t be opened. She didn’t need the photo… and yet I had a strong inclination to send it. Was it an epic fail? Nope. Following my intuition led me to send the email which resulted in her calling me about the email and asking me to go for a walk which resulted in my having fall photos to share.


To understand the divine timing of it all — if my friend had called 5 minutes later we wouldn’t have been able to go. The school buses were going by my house to pick up the elementary school kids. That meant I had minutes to grab my camera and keys and leave before I might be stuck behind the bus fumes as the kids were dropped off at their homes. (If this makes no sense to you refer to my many articles on what it is like to have MCS.)

ronan-kittyWe humans spend a lot of time listening. We listen to gossip and lectures and TV and parental advice and complaints and if we’re lucky some compliments and encouragement. No matter how perfect the advice from a friend, lover or celebrity might be — might I suggest you take a deep breath and practice listening to your intuition. You might send an email of Ronan the kitty which is never received which results in finding yourself on a walk on a beautiful fall day with a very good friend. Or it may result in you having your idea of the perfect day.