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While on our journey to Green Lakes the other day, we stopped at the Butternut Creek Aqueduct. The aqueduct was completed in 1856 as part of the enlarged portion of the Erie Canal. The Erie Canal was a “ditch” originally 4 feet deep and 40 feet wide that had been hand dug. Governor Clinton of NY was ridiculed for supporting the construction of the 363 mile “ditch”. That is until it was completed and barges cheaply and “quickly” transported goods and people across the state. Then some called it the Eighth Wonder of the world. A large portion of the Erie Canal has been preserved for walking/biking.

For all of the photos I’ve posted, one would think I know a bit about photography. Not really. While attempting to take a photo of the aqueduct — it was the worst lighting conditions. The aqueduct cast a shadow for half of the photo and the sun was blazing for the other half. Thanks to my buddy Tom not only for being vigilant with my MCS needs but for attempting to teach me about apertures, f stops, shutter speeds… so that I can take my nature photography to the next level. Well at least after a bit more practice. Peace and I hope you get to spend time with nature today.