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Yesterday, I had the good fortune to do a walk-a-bout at Green Lakes State Park with my buddy Tom. It was a bit of an MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) challenge in that a few hundred other people decided that at walk at Green Lakes would also be a great idea. Fortunately, most people weren’t loaded with “fragrances”. Unfortunately, for my symptom count today — a few were.

Green Lakes is a glacial lake (and new word here) — it is a meromictic lake. This means unlike Lake Ontario that I often post about — the bottom water and surface water do not mix a few times a year. Because there is no mixing — it would be a great lake to study ancient plant life preserved at the bottom. To keep the lake pristine, no outside boats are allowed on the lake. I haven’t been to the lake in 40 years and it is still as beautiful as when I was a kid.

I picked a few photos today so that you can see some of the amazing colors of the water itself and one photo of a very friendly chipmunk.

chipmunk-green-lakesdriftwood-green-lakesfoliage-green-lakestrees-water-green-lakesturqoise-water-green-lakes And of course, one picture of the new kittens, Wilhelmina and Ronan. I’ll let you guess which one is more active.