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joe-kathy-colleenThis is a request for anyone in the vicinity of Fulton, NY to visit the FAA Photography show today. It’s free — unless you wish to purchase art or participate in the scholarship raffle. It seems that each year a challenge is put before us to hold this show. This year it was going to be small but we bravely moved forward. AND THEN we found out the city was paving the road in front to the municipal building all day Saturday. Few people braved their way past the massive trucks and horrendous smell.

BUT the show is still being held today Sunday 10/2/16 from 12 pm to 4 pm at the Municipal Building on South First Street. I know most of you bloggers live in far-flung reaches of the planet but send out some love today for Kathy  (she is the one in the middle of the photo and President of FAA) that people will come today to appreciate her effort and the fabulous photography showcased there.

If you’re wondering I won three ribbons in the two classes I entered (buildings and scapes). A first and two seconds — I’ll let you guess which are which.

stump sculpture lake Ontario campusCanada Geese Reflections Glimmerglass Lagoonsunrise tree reflection North Bay

Thanks Ellen for taking the group photo of Joe, Kathy and I. If you want to see some of Joe’s photography here is the link to his blog (stepping out with an agoraphobic)