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I love all water. One of my favorite things to do when I was a kid was to ride my bike through puddles, and of course, to go puddle stomping when my son was young. So when I was choosing photos for today’s nature walk, I decided to focus on the plentiful water around out city (with few friends included of course). Peace and enjoy the nature around you today.

great blue heron Oswego River Fulton

Great blue heron watching the Oswego River flow by.

ducks Oswego Dam Fulton

Ducks bravely feeding right by the dam near Lock 3 of the Oswego River. They obviously don’t know to stay behind the orange safety buoy.

fish fry ripples Lake Neatahwanta

Some fish fry feeding at North Bay Lake Neatahwanta.

water lily frond Lake NeatahwantaWater floating on top of the water lily frond which is floating on Lake Neatahwanta.

Oswego Dam Fulton

A bit of water rushing over the dam.

ripples fish fry Lake Neatahwanta

Rippling waves at Lake Neatahwanta.