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Well if you don’t love osprey photos you’re probably in the wrong place. The photos are from two different nests. The first I am not sure if these are the parents and the young have left the nest or they are the “babies”. The photo of the empty nest is not really empty. You’ll see the parent osprey yelling at the little ones to duck and for me to get lost. The parent flew over my head and tried to lead me away. I was quite some distance away but from the size of the tiny fluffy heads I spotted in the nest, the babies were newly hatched.

I saw lots of butterflies this week as I worked. They seem to find it fun to flit about me as I work but disappear when I go get my camera. I was cleaning my clear shower curtain on the back deck and noticed somehow I had captured a butterfly. It was beautiful and one I had never seen before.It was desperately trying to escape so I opted for releasing it rather than getting the photo op. I was sitting with my shoulder only a few inches from the wall of my house and minutes after I released it — the beautiful butterfly flew right past my shoulder. I like to think it was its way of thanking me.  I looked it up on a site of North American butterflies but it wasn’t listed.

I hope you get to flit about with nature today. Peace.

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