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I have continued to work very hard on my house maintenance so I have not taken any nature walks this week. I did have three tiny toads in my yard, the size of my thumb nail, and a frog in my garden, the size of my palm that I paused to snap some photos of. I don’t know their species. If you do please let me know. Mostly I having photos of a couple of the herons hanging out in the Oswego River. I noticed a heron as I drove across the bridge heading to the farmer’s market so I walked the short distance from the parking lot to the lock . To get the shot I walked across the top of the lock doors. The lock controls the height of the river so the boats can bypass the dam. Hope you enjoy my bit of nature and you get to go for a walk yourself today. Peace.

frog yardtiny toad gardenheron rocks Oswego River Damtilting heron Oswego River damheron twisting Oswego River damheron right face Oswego River damheron left face Oswego River damheron take off Oswego River dam