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This week I was focused on home repairs so I was fortunate that the deer came to visit me.

doe deer yard

The doe seems to be hiding behind my veg garden and grasses.

deer buck yard


The buck doesn’t seem so shy.buck deer yard

If the birdfeeder seems not only empty but invisible, it is because the squirrels carted the whole thing away.

doe buck deer yard

Finally the doe wasn’t so shy any more.

bullfrog glimmerglass lagoon

I did make it to Glimmerglass Lagoon. I missed the shot of the beaver but there were plenty of bullfrogs. I captured three of them.

bullfrog glimmerglass lagoon 3

bullfrog glimmerglass lagoon 2

Hope you don’t have to drive 10 miles just to see a bullfrog like I did. May the beauty of nature surround you wherever you journey today. Peace