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“You cannot have a happy end to an unhappy journey.” (by Abraham)

This quote made me gasp with the simplicity of it. I see so many people “working” to get to that happy ending and they are miserable. The whole idea — things will be better when this (insert desired outcome) happens… just doesn’t work. After the quick adrenalin rush of winning the medal, getting the promotion, walking down the aisle — what now? There is nothing aka No Thing that can make you happy if you’re miserable. You can’t go to an emotion store and buy peace or joy or happiness. It comes from within. You create your feelings. Someone else didn’t make you happy or sad or angry. You chose that response. This is true if it is the first step of your journey or your last.

Northern Shovler Mallard Ducks Lake NSo if you want the storybook live happily ever after ending — what about living the happily ever after now? Why wait until the journey’s end for happiness?

Are you happy on your journey though life? Or are you waiting for the “perfect” mate, job, house, weight…happy ending to start being happy?