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Here’s a few photos to share with your dads. It is one of the things my dad and I enjoy doing together. He is not up for all of the walking so he waits patiently in the car to see what I’ve brought back to him. I don’t like to drive far with my MCS so it is a wonderful symbiotic relationship as hopefully all father-child relationships are.

baby grackle neighborhoodSometimes it is easy to tell some things age.

cirrus clouds granby

But I wondered today. How old is this cloud?

sparrow eating bug lake n

I was quite pleased when this sparrow scooped up one of the bugs circling my head.

black squirrel yard

And just as pleased that this squirrel opted for selecting its food outside of my veg garden.

carp lake neatahwanta

Do these carp get jealous that yesterday bass seasoned opened?

cedar waxwing oswego river fulton

This cedar waxwing watched me out in the open.

chipmunk lake Netahwanta

This chipmunk thought it was all super-spy.

deer field

Some of us lost our dads.

common terns on dock

So maybe they could use an extra hug.

osprey oswego river fulton

My dad loves osprey…

great blue heron lake neatahwanta

and great blue herons so these photos are for him. I hope whether you get to spend time with your dad today or not — that there is lots of love in your hearts for all the men in the world. Peace.