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sunrise Lake NeatahwantaToday, I was reminded of the Universe’s lesson that basically you can have whatever you want as long as you’re at peace with not having it. This always confused me. But as the great blue heron flew by and I ran behind it to no avail, I started to get it. I really wanted the photo but running after it brought no success. It chose to fly to the other side of the lake.

great blue heron Lake Neatahwanta

I walked all the way back to my car, when an osprey flew by. I spotted where it landed which was in a tree right about where the photo of the heron was taken. I hustled back to the spot. Everything was going perfectly. The osprey had called out as I got near so I knew exactly where he was and then some small birds dive-bombed him in the tree and away he went. And so I headed back to where my car was and kept going to the other side of the lake. I again chased after the perfect shot of a heron. It was about as good as the one I posted.

Finally, I gave up all hopes of getting any interesting shots. I spoke to an 80 year-old man who often walks his dog. I let my camera go into rest mode. And then there right in front of me …

mink Lake Neatahwanta

was this little guy. I think it is a mink. When he saw me, he dove in between the tree roots. I now know where the game pop-goes-the-weasel came from. He would duck down, eat a bit of his fish, pop back up to see if I was still there and kept repeating this… A little blurry but that is him licking his lips.

mink licking lips Lake N

I waited patiently for him to come back out to get a full body shot but he was really really and I do mean really fast.

mink Lake Neatahwanta2 This is my idea of the perfect mink coat and the perfect lesson in surrender.