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Our sunrise is …

sunrise lake Neatahwanta

someone’s sunset.

sunset yard

This ending is self-explanatory for the fish.

gull eating fish Lake Neatahwanta

The beginning (some spawning fish).

spawining fish Lake Neatahwanta

This one not so explanatory. Is this the beginning (hatching) of the turtles or the end?

snapping turtle eggs North Bay

First there was daddy snapping turtle.

snapping turtle North Bay

And then mommy snapping turtle laying eggs.

female snapping turtle laying eggs North Bay

The eggs were an ending for the turtles and a beginning of a breakfast. Probably for a raccoon.

Sometimes it is the beginning of a quest. At a culvert there were 3 bullfrogs that went plop, plop, plop every time I came near. I stood back and guessed where one might be.– not a great shot but I got this.

bullfrog Granby culvert

It took a week and a half until I finished my quest and shot this.

bullfrog at Granby

This was also the end of a quest. Wood ducks do not like photographers. It has been months to get this.

woodduck North Bay

Where there are endings there are beginnings and where there are beginnings there will surely be endings. Peace to which ever end of the path you are on today.

tree reflections Lake Neatahwanta