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First, I’d like to thank my all of my followers and welcome a few new ones these past few weeks. I am woefully behind in answering comments and visiting others. Thanks for your patience. I realize I never finished my Law of Attraction posts from last week so here are a few more.

I had just told my dad that there were no baby ducks out and about yet. Lots of goslings but no duckies. These were the first critters I spotted at Breitbeck Park.

ducklings Brietbeck Park

I had spotted a bit of white bobbing in the water and thought I might be lucky and spot a swan which led me to think of my friend Sarah. But I did have a bird I associate with her (and peace) hang out right by my foot.

mourning dove Brietbeck Park

The next photo is not great but the reason I was able to take the mourning dove and duckling photos was that my dad had a prior engagement cancelled and he phoned the night before to ask me to breakfast. I had prior to that day been thinking how much I’d like to go to Glimmerglass Lagoon and see if the green heron had returned. I had to lean out over the water and take the shot through the branches. But at least I know he’s back.

green heron Glimmerglass Lagoon

I don’t think I would have spotted him except it was Oswego State’s graduation day and a large group of people were headed my way. With MCS and the chance of a lot of scented people, it was my cue to get away fast. I walked in a straight line to the lagoon and apparently straight at a great blue heron that I startled. As I stood there disappointed that I had spooked him, I looked over and along the shoreline deep in the tree was the green heron.

great blue heron Glimmerglass Lagoon

Sometimes I’m not sure if I want to leave the house at dawn. So I asked the Universe to play a song that would reflect what I should do. The song lyric was about coming out of the woods and meeting a friend. So I decided to go on faith and headed to the lake and saw the wood ducks fly toward the woods. I followed. And there was a beaver (I think) swimming along the shore. When I left the woods there was a friend driving by whom I got to share the photo with. beaver I think Lake Neatahwanta

This wish, I didn’t know I had received, until I uploaded the photos to my computer. I snapped a wide-angle shot of a red-bellied woodpecker. I then focused on taking a close up of him. A second woodpecker landed on the tree for just a few seconds.and I wished to get both of them in a shot but he didn’t return. And then when I looked at my first photo on my computer — along with the woodpecker on the top branch …

red-bellied woodpecker Ground Hog Lane

Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or MCS or Source — I’m grateful we got to take this nature walk together today. Peace.

caspian terns Lake Neatahwanta