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When I started today’s post I realized it has been a week of a lot of manifesting of thoughts/wishes. A lot of thoughts leading me to another photo-op and then another. It would be quite lengthy to put all the twists and turns into one post so I shall start with the gift of postponements.

Zoe the Happy DogA few days ago, I wrote MCS: Little Things — Big Friendships. What I didn’t write about was that a year ago, I went by a property in the city with a creek and woods and long winding road that disappeared up a fairly steep hill. I was fixated on this property. Was there a house up there? Who owned this vast wilderness in the city limits? Were there walkable trails? Being private property, we drove on with my thoughts floating off forgotten by me but not by a higher power.

I’ve been most excited walking with a recently retired friend and her dog Zoe. She loves exploring new nature trails, is willing to drive, and accommodate my MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity quirks and needs)…

twisted deerAnd then she was offered a summer job getting paid to work with helping kids and doing what she loves. I have to admit there was a moment of ego on my part feeling sorry for losing the chance to keep exploring nature with my friend. But the moment passed. I felt genuinely happy for her. And I figured our nature walks would work themselves out even if it meant walking in the evening when more people were out and about increasing my chances of being exposed to more toxic chemicals especially from “fragrances”. And there were always the deer that came to visit my yard that I could enjoy.

I thought my friend was already working so imagine my joy when she called to go walk on sister’s 22 acre property. Imagine my crazy excitement when we pulled up to a metal gate leading to a winding road that led up into the woods. I have to admit that after waiting a year to walk the property that I had fixated on when driving by with my dad — I kept forgetting to take photos. But here a few…

creek and 22 acres



yellow wildflowers 22 acres.jpg

log bridge and 22 acres

Here’s wishing that we all get to walk in nature today and even if we have to wait a year that our wishes come true.