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Zoe the Happy Dog

This is Zoe. The other day her human and my friend took us both on a walk. This maybe a so what moment to most people but to me going for a walk can be a really big deal.

twisted deer.jpgWhen someone asks me to leave my MCS (multiple chemicals sensitivity) safe home and enter a world where toxic chemicals contaminate the air I breathe — I feel like this deer — all twisted and off-balance.

deer doing its business in field.jpgThe awareness of my environment by the other person can not only mean the difference of me having a crappy time but literally if I’m going to end up so sick that I cannot walk or think or function for days.

deer backyard

These are some of the things my friend did that allowed me to find my way to feel safe leaving my home.

Would it be safer to drive and meet her there or to ride in her car?

If we take her car be aware two scented people had ridden in it the day before.

Our first stop she was going to keep driving. When I asked why she wasn’t stopping, she had noticed that a gas-powered lawn mower was running and it might make me sick.

She continues to look for the least toxic products to use in her home and on her person.

On one of our walks, I had an exposure and right after I reached out my hand to open a gate. The toxic chemicals took away my ability to remember how one opens a latch on a gate. With my hand in mid-air my friend calmly told me how to open it. And after walking through the gate checked on my ability to keep going.

If you add up the time spent doing any one of these things we are talking minutes. Would you spend minutes of your day increasing your awareness so your MCS disabled friend could have a few moments of normal?

deer walking field

This is how it feels to walk with a friend who pays attention to the little things so that you can share a big friendship walking in the fresh air.

Thanks to everyone who has chosen a life that prioritizes fresh air and friendship. I believe these two things make for a happier planet for everyone. What do you think?