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goslings Lake Neatahwanta

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

white trillium flowers Ground Hog Lane

A few flowers as a gift for you.

cloud reflections Lake Neatahwanta

May you have a peaceful reflective day.

sandpiper Lake Neatahwanta

A stroll along the shore.

dewey bunny Glimmerglass Lagoon

A rest in the refreshing dewy grass.

cattail reflections Glimmerglass Lagoon

Kind memories of past seasons in your life.

bald eagle Oswego River Fulton

All the world at your feet.

great blue heron Lake Neatahwanta

A favorite activity to fill your day.

cloud reflections Lake Ontario

Whether you are a man grateful today for the woman who gave you a chance to dream or a birth mother or a mother-teacher or an adoptive mother or a mother who nourishes the world itself — Peace.