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This week’s nature walk is a little different. If you are new to the site, I have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) as do many of my followers. May is the month set aside to bring awareness to this issue. I do this Sunday post to bring peace into others’ lives. Speaking about toxic chemicals and a debilitating illnesses may seem contrary to that notion. But I believe ignoring an issue brings a whole lot of strife — not peace. So this week as I share my photos I will share with you some of what it is like to do nature photography if you are disabled with MCS, with the hopes that you will take the necessary actions in your life to never have to know what it is like to do so.

industrial reflections Lock 3

Generally, I would avoid an industrial area with all the diesel fuel and unknown chemicals. I had hoped early Saturday morning it would be safe by the river. I was wrong.

white trillium Ground Hog lane

Sadly, when most people think of the word fragrance, they believe what they are smelling comes from a beautiful flower. The toxic chemicals used to make synthetic fragrances makes me quite ill. The fragrance from a flower makes me quite happy.

tree swallow near Lock 3

The tree swallow and blue sky makes one think of clean air. In fact, someone before I got to the area had walked by with cologne on and left behind a toxic trail of chemicals.

tree reflections North Bay

When I breathe in toxic chemicals one of the most common issues is I get very fuzzy headed. I lose my ability to think, this includes giving simple answers like: what is my name?

goslings Lake Neatahwanta

It helps to have someone along who has my back. Normally, when I am taking photos I am all alone and I find out there is a problem after I’ve been exposed.

blue jay Ground Hog Lane

My senses always have to be on high alert. Where this photo was taken I often run into people walking their dogs off leash. As soon as I see another human, I freeze and prepare to get out of there fast. People react to my body language and start telling me how nice their dogs are and that they would never hurt me. The people are correctly reading the fear in my body language. What they are not understanding is it is a fear of their personal care products that I am reacting to.

goslings Oswego River fulton

With MCS I miss the closeness of being with other humans. But if that other person has on only two dabs of fragrance, I may spike a migraine, lose the ability to feel my legs, get sick to my stomach….

killdeer Lake Neatahwanta

This peaceful photo, the crew was setting up the barbecue grills around the campground. The exhaust fumes from their trucks were making my hands shake.

chipmunk Ground Hog Lane

If you’ve ever had a hangover from the toxic effects of too much alcohol then you will understand what my body feels like after walking the nature trails three days in a row.

beaver Lake Neatahwanta

I and this beaver love MCS safe homes. It may amaze you if you’ve never thought about it before, how many toxic chemicals you deliberately bring into your home in a daily basis.

flying geese Oswego River Fulton

It has been about 5 years since I’ve had a day free of MCS symptoms. But I still remember that feeling. It felt like I could fly.

white flowers Oswego River

Awareness is meant to lift you up to a place where you feel free. If you’ve read any of my other posts then you know I believe that we attract what we think about the most and that which we feel the deepest. So I ask that you feel joy in the beauty of nature and you be at peace with how you decide to live in harmony with those around you. Awareness dissolves ignorance and offers us a choice of paths. I’ve chosen the path free of toxic chemicals. I hope you will join me. Peace.