clouds sunrise Lake Neatahwanta day3Day three of seeing the snow geese at the lake (Day 1 and Day 2) was amazing and enlightening. I awoke around 5 am and decided I had not seen a sunrise at the lake in months and I was hoping to see more snow geese. The sky was cloudy but my intuition nudged me to go anyway. My ego said, “Why bother. It’s cloudy and you have to leave early before the school buses and then you’ll have to wait an hour and a half before you can drive back because of the elementary buses spewing out toxic fumes….)

clouds sun Lake Neatahwanta day 3My ego voice is so LOUD and insistent. It is most difficult to ignore. My Source “voice” is normally not a voice at all. It is usually a feeling — a subtle, quiet, calm feeling. It’s like the difference of meeting a cute, nice guy on a nature walk who you smile at and walk by or meeting the hot “bad” boy non-committal guy in a bar that you somehow end up dating and hate yourself six months later when he dumps you.

snow geese flying Lake Neatahwanta day 3The facts of the day: I left my house at sunrise to go see the snow geese at the lake, wanted a coat, went back in the house, it wasn’t in the hall closet, went and found it, snow geese were flying over my house as a friend walked by, drove to the lake in case there were more geese there, lots of Canada geese and a fair number of snow geese were on the lake, not enough light for a good photo, I went back to the car for my tripod, finished attaching the tripod, the geese took off before I could walk back, drove to another spot, guy was smoking near the parking area, left there, went to another spot, saw geese at the far side of the lake, hurried along the trail, before I got to the lake the snow geese flew over head.

snow and Canada geese Lake Neatahwanta day 3

flying snow geese Lake Neatahwanta day 3These are just facts, what feeling you have after you read them is a matter of which voice you read them with. If I interpreted these facts with the ego voice it would go like this: “You were up in plenty of time. Why didn’t you leave five minutes sooner? You shouldn’t have been so lazy getting ready. And you never use a tripod. Seriously, you can’t hold a camera steady to get a shot after doing photography for three years? It must be a pain being around you. You can’t even park a car without an MCS issue to deal with. And if you’d gone straight for the nature trail, you would have been fastest enough to see the geese before they took off.”

Your ego voice after reading the facts may have started with, “Poor Colleen …” or “What a shame…?”

geese sunrise gazebo Lake Neatahwanta day3Fortunately for me, I listened to my Source voice. Day 1, I was so thrilled to have the geese fly overhead and to have someone to share that moment with. Day 3, Source reflected my joy back to me with more of the same. The moment I stepped out of my house, the geese flew low overhead at the same moment a friend walked by to share it with me at 6:30 am. Standing nearer my car with the tripod put me farther from the lake so I could watch the geese flying for a longer time. There were no snow geese where the guy was smoking so there was no good reason to be there. I set the goal a few days earlier to walk every day to get back in shape so the powerwalk felt amazing.

I intellectually know that a fact is just a fact. How I chose to react to it determines what kind of day I’m going to have. I’m looking forward to all of us having a day of seeing beauty and feeling joy from whatever comes our way.

sunrise geese Lake Neatahwanta day 3