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I’ve been “working” on my spiritual stuff for a few years now. I decided this week to take a break and not try to accomplish anything. I’ve also tried the last few years to catch the snow goose migration when they stop over at the lake. Usually they only stay over night and then take off for the arctic. Last year, I went every day looking for them. I took one day off — do I need to finish this sentence? — the following day a lady walking her dog asked me, “Did you get a shot of the snow geese yesterday?” Seriously?

This year while on vacation from my seeking — I decided to go walk at the lake. They were all the way on the other side of the lake and it was cloudy and they were white on white ice — BUT they were so beautiful.

flock snow geese Lake neatahwanta day 1

I’m not sure if you can get a sense of scale here but there were hundreds of birds. They flew almost in a figure 8 pattern flying back and forth.

snow geese Lake neatahwanta day 1

It was like watching an aerial ballet.

flying snow geese Lake Neatahwanta day 1I was worried they would fly off on me, so I enjoyed every minute with the snow geese. A thought flitted through my head. This is the kind of experience that should be shared with another human being. Just then the geese headed north which was closer to me but also the way to head home. I took off running to try to get a closer shot, when one of the regular walkers from the nature trail was coming the other way.

snow geese Lake neatahwanta 2 day 1

As I stood there saying hi, the geese turned and they flew right over our heads.

snow geese overhead Lake Neatahwanta

I decided that sometimes living the moment fully is more important than getting the photo. I turned my camera to the sky and without looking — I snapped a few photos. To be truthful, I don’t need a photo because it is a moment I will never forget. After the entire gaggle of geese flew over our heads and they landed on the other side of the lake again.

I returned with a friend of mine today and she spotted the eagle way out in the middle of the lake deciding if he was going to have goose for lunch. There was a much smaller number of snow geese today but they were closer to shore with a large number of Canada geese. There were even a few “blue” geese.

snow geese Lake Neatahwanta day 2

The lighting was still dim but the snow geese definitely illuminated the day.

snow and Canada geese lake neathawanta day 2

Our quiet zen like walk ended in my now understanding the meaning of the phrase “blood bath”. No worries, we’re fine. My friend spotted a few red spots on the snow and asked “What’s that?”. It was such a bright red neither of us thought it was blood so we walked on. I walked a little ahead of her dog Zoe and told my friend I knew where the red came from. Zoe must have nicked her ear on a thorn and she had blood on her ear and face. She didn’t seem to care. My friend bent over to check the dog’s face right when Zoe decided to shake her head. My friend looked like she had the measles and I took a fair share of the “bath” myself. It is amazing how much of a mess one thorn can make. Zoe is home totally happy on her doggy bed.

I hope you get out with nature today whether you seek calm or chaos — Enjoy the day.