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First, let me say Happy Birthday to anyone born on this day since you so infrequently get to hear it on your actual birthday.

Image1clockThis is a curiosity post for all you wonderful followers. What would you do if you had an extra day? Would more time, to get more things, done really matter?

I pondered this as I awoke — to just that — a whole extra day.

Image1nox (4)Should I get a lot more chores done?

sleepy gosling lake2Maybe, I should meditate the entire day?

black and gray squirrels yardOr should the entire extra 24 hours be gifted to help someone else?

Great Blue Heron taking off Lake N TrailDo I ignore all the normal chores of the day and work out or do yoga?

moon fall foliage Lake NeatahwantaWhat if I did one of those things that for years I said (to myself) “If only I had more time, I would…?”

waves at sunrise Lake Ontario Rudy's

What will you do with one extra day?